Thursday, October 28, 2010

I hate twilight.

New Hero + Favourite website (besides facebook - hey at least im honest!)

Everyone has to check out !

Here are two very interesting videos i think everyone should watch.

Loving people. Empowering people. Changing lives.

We have the power.

Global Management Challenge

Hey hey,

Check this small 3 minute video out!

As some of you will already know, I have been involved in a team competing in the Global Management Challenge.

The Australian competition has two rounds, 1 round consisting of 6 pools of 6 teams, and the second round being a national final (for the top 6 teams).

My team has been fortunate enough to make it into the national final, finishing 4th overall in round 1.

The national final will be held on the week commencing December 4. The winner will represent Australia in Macau!

Stay tuned for updates!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A preliminary TCOB Blog to wet the appetite

Hello world.

I am back.

This blog will not be a serious blog about life. It won't be blog about my feelings. It won't be a blog about what's cool. It won't be a blog about the latest fashion. It won't be a blog which aims to make you think i am something i am not. It won't be a blog that attempts to make me look smarter than i am.

While many blogs try to make you do this :

I aim to make you do this:

This blog is all about TCOB baby. As much as many of you want to hear how I have taken care of business in this way or that way, I recognise there is a fine line between me telling you how I TCOB and gloating about myself. I will avoid the latter.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Goodbyes and Good buys - A takin' care of businesss post dedicated to Josh Ward

My new friend and one of the biggest fans of (yeah that was incredibly unnecessary to write that web address and then tell you that it was unnecessary) Josh Ward has had to move back to his hometown of Coffs Harbour. I have not known Josh for long but i have an incredible amount of respect for him. Legit dude. Cool guy. Future male nurse.Incredible movie memory. Smart like smarties, but not chocolately.Have an awesome time back home man. I will see you again in the not so long distant future.

One of my favourite T-shirt stores is This week i received a new shirt in the mail. It looks something like this:

Only cost me $15!

Secondly i purchased a Carlton guernsey for $60! Half price, all because one of the sponsors changed!
Loving it.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Day of Takin' Care of Business


Task 1:
A Not-for-profit Marketing presentation outlining the differences between social marketing and commercial marketing.

I don't fear public speaking, but i wasn't 100% sure of my material so i wasn't 'feeling it.' Ended up being a 9 minute presentation, well received and was given solid positive feedback.

After the presentation i headed off to my employee relations night class to take part in a debate.

Task 2:
The topic was, 'Employees should have the right to third party representation during negotiations.'

I was on the negative team. So we had to argue AGAINST the law in place.

To add further pressure, we had a HR manager from Holden watching who i'm pretty sure is a big head honch - he has been there for 17 years.
Both sides were really good. We were all actually 1 team.

The way the negative team argued was incredible. To put it this way:

It was like a mafia mob boss continually giving backhands to the face of a child all because he was breathing.
(I don't condone violence, but i had to describe it somehow).

Seriously amazed can't believe we won.

Played 'takin care of business' all the way home. Finally. Praise God.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Three Posts in 24 Hours - A Lo-triet.

Saw this ad and i just had to put it on.